Joe’s Ice Cream & Ferrero Rocher Cheesecake #SwanseaFoodPorn

Feel like creating a Swanstastically delicious alternative to Christmas pudding? Or just feel like indulging on a Swansea classic with a fabulous twist? – This Joe’s Ice Cream & Ferrero Rocher cheesecake recipe is Amaze. You simply have to try it .

Serves: 4

The base

  • Bash 20  digestive biscuits or Hobnobs in a bag, until fine
  • Melt a couple of table spoons of butter, in the popity-ping
  • Mix well the biscuits with the butter
  • Squash it into a tin so you have just under 1 cm of firm base
  • …Make sure you are using one of them tins where the base drops out
  • Ram into the fridge for an hour or whatever

The cheesey ice cream bit

  • Whip a pack of Philadelphia cheese in a bowl, to fluff it up
  • Mix briefly in 3/4 of a 1 litre tub of Joe’s Ice Cream
  • Add in a few drops of vanilla essence
  • Pour on top of the base
  • Put in the freezer for at least a couple of hours to re -set

The Topping

  •  Important: Dress this baby just before you serve it
  • Melt a bar of Dairy Milk slowly in your popity-ping stirring regularly
  • Unwrap at least 14 Ferrero Rocher Chocolates
  • Pile on the Ferrero Rochers
  • Drizzle over the chocolate sauce
  • Serve to a cheering appreciative Swansea bunch of friends or family

joes ice cream ferrero rocher cheesecake

Pimp it?

  • Mix Baileys with the chocolate sauce before you drizzle.. OMFG Yes!
  • Mix in chocolate buttons the cheesey ice cream mix

Enjoy! And share in the comments your variations


joes ice cream




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