Get Involved

Hey. Are you: Young. Old. Fresh. Funny. Lazy. Good with a camera. Smiley. Happy. And most of all got something to say about the town that they live in. Something Awesome, funny or inspiring about Swansea?

I generally don’t pay contributors, but will be having a monthly meet up with free drinks, (woo!) and the chance to meet other contributors.

Here’s what I’m currently looking for:

  • Your funny Swansea photos. (like our  Highest cash machine post)
  • A Swans fan that’s nifty with photoshop
  • Someone who can find the cutest kittens or puppies in Swansea
  • A sporty n gorgeous male or female, to help make inspiring sports photos
  • Someone who works in Amazon, what is it really like?
  • A student that wants to write awesome articles like our Zombies in Swansea piece
  • A photographer that wants to have fun, (see our minions pix)

If you contribute and are looking for further opportunities, we will happily give you a reference, or introduction to some of the media outlets that we know.

So get involved, email and tell us your idea, it can be super simple, or ridiculously complicated. Am sure we’ll love it. Or we have ideas ready for you! 🙂

Paolo, Secret Swansea