Create your own Swans Lego Man

Due to people continually asking  “how can I get your Swans Lego man?”..  I’ve created a PDF that makes it simple for you to create your very own Swans Lego. To proudly display in your office. Tadah!

Download the PDF Document and print it out on your Colour printer. This contains the Template for the Lego Man

Buy an appropriate Lego man, you can look on Amazon on eBay, be sure to get one that has a white top. The bottom half doesn’t matter that much.

When it comes to cutting it out a craft knife is your best bet.

Then glue him on

Job done!

Then be the talk of your office 🙂

>> Download PDF Here




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I am the creator of this website. I moved to Swansea 7 years ago, and wanted to set something up to connect me to the town where I live. 7 years later, I finally got around to setting this up. Drop me a mail if you want to be involved.